The Light


Also commonly referred to as “The Father”, or “The One True God” by his followers, though it is not believed that the other gods don’t exist rather they are lesser beings from The Light and such calling them “gods” would be an insult to their faith, is the most favored religion among human civilizations. However, the faith preaches that any member of any race may be adopted as a child The Light. The most faithful of believers and whose light shines brightest may ascend, serving The Light as faithfully in death as they did in life, while others are granted access to Arumba’s Garden to continue their afterlife in peaceful bliss. Some ascended are granted access to Erilea through a gateway atop Mount Heleai, these agents of The Light are known as Paladins.

So it was written…(A Brief History of Erilea from the perspective of the followers of light)

In the beginning there was nothing but chaos as greater beings waged war on each other in the darkness. The One True God in an attempt to shed light upon their shame created the stars. The other beings rejected his ideals and left him to his domain, all but Arumba remained, The Light’s most faithful companion. In this time the two of them formed Erilea or “The Mother”, the world as we know it, from his own stars granting her part of his own flame in her very core. This power granted her the ability to birth life.

The First Age or The Age of Dwarves


And so the first form of life had been born: Beasts, plants, and even the Dwarves. And for a while it was good, peaceful even, as He shed his light upon Erilea so that the three may observe the miracle they created. However, the first born attracted other spiteful divine beings. “The Ancients”, as their are now called, wished to see Erilea crumble so they created beings of their own; creatures of shadow and horror who only knew death and suffering. The Light retaliated, shedding his light wherever he might find these creatures that they would scurry back in to the darkness. But the Ancients were ever vigilant and cast darkness on Erilea where the light could not reach creating the night. Arumba seeing the Light’s plight did what he could to aid him creating the moon from stardust to reflect the light where it could not reach.

The Age of Demons


This battle in the everlasting war between light and darkness lasted for eons.That is, until The Ancients unleashed their masterpiece, their true horrors; the chaos demons. Ulamar, who devoured those who braved the oceans, Umanyth, who wrought fury and hell-fire from the skies above, Abilissi, who turned Erilea’s creatures will against her, Ulthal, watched as the world burned in the flames of war out of apathy, Uniac, who wished to keep Erilea to himself, Ybedril, who meant to destroy Erilea out of disgust for the love to her creations, and Wardobeth, who sought to enslave the lesser beings the inhabited this world so he may rule above them. These creatures did not flee in terror from the light the fought viciously and defiantly against it.

The Demon Wars


p.The chaos demons wrought terror upon the Erilea. Only the dwarves held their own, but even their strength was failing as shadow creatures and hell-fire swarmed their holes in the earth. The Ancients had their champions now the Light needed his; so once more he harnessed the power of his stardust and created the Orredin, the fair folk, the high elves, or the first elves. He granted within them wells that served as a direct link to him so they may use a portion of his power. With the help of the dwarves, they pushed back the enemy and trapped bound each of them to seven points beneath the ocean’s depths around the circumference of Erilea, now known as the circle of chaos.

The Age of Elves, The Fall


The defeat of the chaos demons and the suffering blow to the ancients brought upon a new era of Elves and Dwarves. In this age Burdinadin, Sugaardin, Ohanedin, and the other known races save humans were born. This was as much a time for prosperity for the elves as much as it was a loss; for this time was also the time the high elves fell. Many died from disease that the other races grew accustomed to, many died from old age as they lost the light, and many, feeling abandoned and betrayed by their god, turned to the ancients for a new focus. They became known as Strigori, the fallen.

The Age of Men


After the high elves had fallen and more and more races looked towards the darkness, it became clear The Light needed new champions. And, for the last time he harnessed his star dust and created man, but to man he did not grant supernatural power or a link to his own. No, to man he granted a fire in his heart so that he may guide all who were lost out of the darkness.

The Light

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