The Chaos Demons

The Chaos Demons were born from the Ancients who battled the champions of the Light and Arumba. The Zells revere them as their creators. they believe that after the chaos demons were banished into the depths of the oceans the Zells were born from their bodies and sailed the tides up to the surface on their ships made from demon flesh. Though the Chaos Demons share heritage they often share disdain for each other, the result is war between different sects of Zellish pirates.



The Zells who follow Ulamar believe him to be king of the ocean, for while his brother’s and sister’s still ruled on land he conquered the oceans. They believe they can traverse the sea faster than any other sect of Zell. They are also taught to “take their fill”, that their is no such thing as more than you can chew and that they should bite off the biggest piece they can because who knows when they’ll get another.



Umanyth is believed to summon the storms bending wave and wind to his will. His sect believes in total annihilation of their enemies so they won’t have the chance to retaliate. Their is often very little of the wrecks of ships they attack, maybe a burning mass or blackened bones at the bottom of the sea. These zells are taught to hate and to show the world their fury.



Abilissi is said to corrupt and entice the weak willed with promises of pleasure and comfort they have never known. Her sect will often collect slaves and trinkets from the vessels they attack for their own amusement.



Ulthal preferred to watch as his siblings tore apart his enemies and then reap the rewards afterwards. His sect usually bides its time waiting for their prey to show weakness or come to disaster.



Uniac coveted all things of value. His sect usually tries to target wealthy businessmen or nobles.



Ybedril would often hide among Erilea’s inhabitants and observe them before destroying them out of disgust. Her sect usually sets up traps, feigning distress or to be an official flagship before striking.



Wardobeth believed himself to be the pinnacle of material sentience, he would crush others into submission so that they may carry out his will. The largest of the seven sects, these zells will attack any vessel regardless of whos it is so long as it isn’t theirs they also collect slaves as well as ships forming small fleets along the way.

The Chaos Demons

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